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Senior Lawyer and Mediator

PALOMA GÓMEZ GIL, a senior Lawyer who has been working at the "Jiménez Muñiz Abogados" Practice since January 2015, carries out her work as a specialist in Civil Liability and Insurance, and has an extensive professional track record.

After graduating from the Law Faculty of the Complutense University of Madrid, she began her career as a practising barrister in 2001, working with different professional firms in Madrid, where she performed her work until March 2002. At that time she joined a Practice of recognised prestige in the sphere of Insurance Law as a Lawyer specialising in Civil Liability and Insurance, taking charge of both in-court of an out-of-court issues in all jurisdictions.

In March 2008 she was appointed by the General Council of the Judiciary, at the proposal from the Higher Court of Justice of Madrid, as Substitute Judge of the Courts of Madrid-Capital to hold the position in Civil, Criminal and Administrative Mitigation Jurisdictions, the last of which she has held until March 2014.

She later worked in the claims and healthcare liability creation departments of Agrupación Mutual Aseguradora (AMA), until December 2014.

As a supplement to her activity as a Practising Lawyer, she has obtained a qualification as an Expert in Civil and Mercantile Mediation, and has studied several training courses throughout her professional career.

Other activities that round off her training and professional trajectory can be seen in the fact that she holds a Diploma of Advanced Studies obtained as part of the Doctorate Courses on Constitutional Law at the UNED (Open University) from 2001 to 2005. By the same token she has collaborated on the Enforcement book in the new Spanish Civil Procedure Act, published by the publishing house Colex in 2001, and in 2005 she was a guest speaker at the Annual Loss Event Meeting of the Insurance Broker Willis.