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Jorge Jiménez Muñiz, holder of a Degree in Law from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid, has extensive experience in issues of Insurance and Civil Liability. From 2001 to 2014 he provided his professional services as a practising Lawyer at a Firm where he held the position of Lawyer Director from 2006 onwards. During his 13 years’ of working at the aforementioned practice he controlled the accounts of several clients and dealt directly with them: Insurance Companies, Brokers and Insured Parties (Construction Sector, Services Sector, Public Administrations, Health Care, Professional Associations -Architects, Engineers, Lawyers, et cetera) in major claims.

Jorge Jiménez has also been assigned with the full processing of Judicial Procedures in different Judicial Districts throughout the Country. By the same token, in his capacity as Director of the aforementioned Firm since 2006, Jorge Jiménez has been responsible for training new Lawyers that join the Practice. Other regular tasks with which he has extensive experience include the compilation of legal reports, analysing civil liability policies and studying the coverage of major loss events (Civil Liability resulting from Construction, Civil Liability of Products, Liability of Public Administrations, Medical Civil Liability, Professional Civil Liability, Employers’ Civil Liability -occupational accidents- et cetera.).

From February 2011 to June 2014, Jorge Jiménez was the Customer Service Manager of the Insurance Company MARKEL INTERNATIONAL.

Over the 14 years+ during which Jorge Jiménez has being consistently performing his activity, he has been a regular Speaker at conferences and round tables, and has collaborated with specialised communications media. It may be said that thanks to his trustworthiness and work, Jorge Jiménez has become a reference point in the Insurance Sector. In fact the launch of JIMÉNEZ MUÑIZ ABOGADOS, S.L.P. was due to the unconditional support and the demand of his clients (insurance companies, brokers, risk managers, et cetera). In effect, a major component of this business project was based on the fact that the clients themselves (ZURICH INSURANCE PLC, Office in Spain, C&L Underwriting, HÜBENER, ACE EUROPEAN GROUP, HDI HANNOVER, et cetera) have not hesitated to commit themselves to the Practice.